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minibeast cloud-database is an in-development no-bullshit database software for IT and HR professionals who are sick and tired of complex database creation via FileMaker or some other cloud-based service.

With minibeast, you don't need to know what a many-to-many relationship is or how Foreign Keys work, or what a VarChar is. You just need to input your data and call it a day.

While you can currently signup for minibeast for free, keep in mind that it's very very much in-development and could—at any moment—go down, reset the database or kill features (or add them!)**, so please use at your own risk.

When 1.0 is ready, this landing page will change, and it will become suddenly and inexplicably not-free. However, Those of you who have been with us since the start will retain your account indefinitely, with all new features and security implemented, indefinitely and for as long as the service exists.


**CSS will be updated here and there, but will be the final thing to change, so while it's not responsive now, it will be... oh, it will be.